Exhibition Space

Hello there everyone, let me welcome you to this piece of virtual space. If you are reading this very first post, that could mean two things, you will remember this post and pride yourself among being one of the first readers of this blog, or you have wasted precious moments of your time for something that will close down in a few months.

I have long had a love hate relationship with blogging, firstly I simply can’t get the grasp of doing things ‘in moderation’ which is considered to be the healthiest way to go about hobbies. So I will just come clean and say yes sometimes I go a bit crazy refreshing the page every two seconds for new comments. Other times however when I’m not obsessed I completley forget to post things or simply feel that whatever I’m posting has no significance and I shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Ok this is slowly turning into a rambling post. What I hope to use this space for will be as a sort of hub for everything I do, the list will probably include: Travel, Photography, Articles, Music, Short Films, Fashion, Personal Life, Architecture and ‘deep posts’ being my least favourite. So it would do me great joy if you stick around and leave a comment or two, pass this on to your friends and watch this area bloom with content. I will not be publiscising the blog until it’s 100% ready so I am speaking to you from the past.

Thank you, and hope you like what I’ve done with the place.


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