Mountain Villages : Kakopetria Visit

Last summer I had the joy of visiting one of my favourite mountain villages Kakopetria, the village isn’t the most historic, not the prettiest either yet it has a warm charm about it. It doesn’t matter how blood boiling the heat is in Limassol, Kakopetria is always enchanted with a calming breeze. There is a gorgeous church to take a look at with an ancient olive tree in the centre (photographed below). Plenty of narrow cobbled streets to lose yourself in, and my personal favorite a cheap cafe with an old arcade.

If dropping by you should also have a look at the pottery store about half the way down the old village road is full of interesting pieces of pottery.

It’s an enchanting place, good for some fresh air and quiet, of course the quiet is because all the poor birds have been shot dead in hunting season, you just might have to ignore that fact…


5 responses to Mountain Villages : Kakopetria Visit

  1. Woah such a beautiful place yet quiet 🙂 I think there is something about old villages. They bring to you a peaceful, close and joyful feeling. I like those wall made of rocks 😀 really distinctive in Europe I think 😀 Beautiful shots Chris! ^^

    • Chris – Author

      Thank you so much for your comments! =D The rocky walls are also a big fave of mine. There will be another village post coming up soon!

  2. Wow…this is so typical European village 😀 (well in movies is where I mostly see them) and so beautiful. Makes me wanna pack my bags and move to a secluded village where you have nothing to worry about. Although it is kinda sad about the birds…but no bird poo right? 😛


    • Chris – Author

      Haha, no I would prefer to have the Birds still! Yeah I am so tempted to start a village life but it must be scary at first right? Thank you for commenting Idda!

      • LOL yeah I prefer the birds too…especially little hummingbirds or bluejays or whatever those cute ones are… It is scary! Especially when you are used to life in the city…well mine isn’t a big city like London but still!! 😀 but some people do say downsizing your life gives you greater satisfaction. I think with a place like this it would be pretty wonderful 🙂

        and youre welcome!


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