Palms from Vietnam

Anyone who knows me, knows I have an odd craze for Palm Trees, they remind me of home I guess. They provide some shade when you need to get out of the Sun’s Blaze. Many thanks to my friend Kat for taking the picture above as soon as I asked for some Palm pictures!

Till the header changes it will be quite damaging to look at the top of my blog simply due to the amount of palm trees

5 responses to Palms from Vietnam

  1. Palm trees!! 😀 I didn’t know you are that obsessed 😉 We don’t have palm trees where we are but I love it when they aren’t half dead 😀 and you change your reader!


    • Chris – Author

      How do you mean change my reader? Haha I think sometimes on the bigger palm trees some dead leaves are quite nice because it adds yellow tones

      • Oh I thought you had a pic of you on your header..but is it only a figment of my imagination? LOL If the palm trees have some dead leaves I am ok with but not every leaf on the palm tree dead 😛 that wouldn’t be very good, no? LOL


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