Tapped and Packed Coffee Shop Review

The big high street chains now dominate the coffee front, constantly launching new products, new sizes, new freebies, new offers, new food. It all just needs to slow down and get taken back to simple, good quality coffee. With a clean trendy interior and some good music. It’s not hard. Now I am by no means a coffee expert but I adore good coffee shops due to the atmosphere, the people sitting around. Tapped and Packed seemed to be brimming with conversation between the customers, it’s a really social environment.

The cutlery was a huge talking point for me and my friends. Very antique style, one even had Mickey and Minnie mouse on which was great for my Disney obsessed friend. I had a Latte and with two spoons of the charmingly rustic brown sugar on the table and it was very smooth, had an odd aftertaste but not unpleasant, that is probably because I’m a coffee newbie. The store has a modern yet slightly gothic design. I adored the tree trunk table in the center of the shop. The mirror on the right hand was a nice piece of eye candy. The lamps also very Iconic. I was rather stuffed from my birthday meal earlier so I couldn’t try the food. So to sum up:


  • Great Interior
  • Great Exterior
  • Real smooth coffee
  • Social atmosphere
  • Music played at the perfect volume
  • Good Location next to a Tube station
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Can be hard to find a seat sometimes
  • 40p charge to pay with Card

4 responses to Tapped and Packed Coffee Shop Review

    • Chris – Author

      Yeah they put lots of emphasis on the interior design! Thank you for commenting as always Kat!

  1. I love the bicycle up front! So unique and awesome! 😀 I love little details and decorations…

    • Chris – Author

      It was great! When you come I will definitely take you here!

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