Akrotiri Sand Dunes Beach – A Compact Desert

Pretty much the southernmost tip of Europe, it would be understandable the landscape would have some African desert influence. Well it makes for a pretty fascinating beach. This place isn’t listed anywhere in the guide books and not a lot of people know it’s here. There will be a few guests who are obvious travel experts. I discovered this place on an online map and there was a picture of a large lump of sand. That left me puzzled because I had never seen anything like that in Cyprus. The road is very rough and bumpy though I managed it without a 4×4 in a ford fiesta, so shame on any of you who can’t make it. There are rock pools at the north of the beach which some people were fishing in, made for a good bit of exploration. There is a tiny fishing harbor with about 6 or 7 boats of locals where the water is surprisingly aqua. Climbing the sand dunes is a real challenge and I felt bad as soon as I looked back and saw my footprints had pretty much destroyed a previously perfect hill of sand. Oh, and make sure if your planning a trip not to forget your sunscreen because all the light reflecting of the sand makes for a pretty blood boiling day. Tons of turtle nests also more than any I had ever seen.

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