Paphos Municipal Beach

Paphos Municipal Beach, is a fun, clean and energetic beach. Much more room than the crowded beaches of Ayia Napa and surprisingly the sand is whiter than a lot of the paphos beaches. It’s also fun to walk along the coast. The small bar has some really good chips. There are a few waves, nothing uncontrollable but you can have some fun bobbing up and down, the water was really warm back when I visited.

4 responses to Paphos Municipal Beach

  1. This is a beautiful beach 😀 much better than the beach I go here in my hometown 😛 I would definitely want to be bobbing up and down and enjoy the scenery. Although I hate bobbing in the middle of the hot weather cause I am easily tanned. As Asians, we don’t like to get any tanner and try to be fairer :P. This is a very beautiful beach 😀

    • Chris – Author

      Haha everyone in the western world is trying to get a tan and everyone in the eastern world is trying to stay fair, what is wrong with the world! We should all just be happy in our skin. I’m sure the beaches in Kuching are amazing! =D

      • it’s always the things that you cant have is what you want!! XDD yup all asians aka we eastern people are trying to get as fair as we could and dont really care for tanning 😛 I get tanned easily but I dont burn and I hate going to beaches but I love it at the same time. haha…i just hate the getting dark kinda sucks 😛 i love like a hot messy chocolate nugget… LOL

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