Arriving On Time At Terminal 5

Terminal 5 really feels great, like representative of the city it’s in. Walking around you feel like you’re in one of those airport based films when they have the shots of the rolling suitcases and the stylish business man in a suit and tie on the phone with his express coffee to go.

Although the airport is stunning I have to say it does everything to the best standard but doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t been in an airport before. I heard you take a tube style train from the airplane to the baggage collection but not actually having been on a flight I can’t verify that. Was a great mini exhibition about ‘My grandfather’s car’ which held my attention for a rather long period of time, some beautiful photographs accompanied by a short film.

I have come to the conclusion some black frames like the ones on display are needed to exhibit some old family pictures, so I’ll take that on as another challenge.

I still need to write that piece on arrivals and departures with some accompanying photographs, I’m sure I could pick up some really nice stories but it’s about whether I could sum up the guts to ask people when they just want to get home.

3 responses to Arriving On Time At Terminal 5

  1. Is this airport in England? Well you see I have never been to England so I wouldn’t know šŸ˜› but I love the sleek style of it, like most airports – it makes you feel intimidated and tiny compared to all the other travelling businessmen šŸ˜› And kinda cold. I wish it was more homey and warm šŸ˜› if I could design an airport I would make it so no one wants to leave. LOL I guess I better design a hotel. šŸ˜€ Were you flying somewhere?

    • Chris – Author

      Yeah but I like the modern feel, A cosy airport would be a great alternative though, all carpet and sofas haha I can imagine it now. No I wasn’t flying anywhere I was dropping someone off and thought I’d take a look

      • I know right? cozy is underrated! maybe they should just have a lil wing for the cozy stuff…for people who are stranded or have to wait for connecting flight šŸ˜› it would be the most hippest place in the airport! XD hmmm…i feel like all airport have that feeling about them. modern and cold šŸ˜› but I love airports. I have been in airports too many times to count XD

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