The Captivating Avakas Gorge

This place is really enchanting, yes originally I went to see the gorge formation but the whole walk up to it is just as brilliant. The fauna and stone shapes seem like they’re from the past and have aged beautifully over time. The trees roots were again so brilliant to look at entangled. The pathway was rugged but not unbearable.

The great thing is though, every time you look from a different angle the surroundings look completely different. Water was dripping from the roots of trees attached onto the stone like something out of Jurassic Park. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a Dinosaur peered amongst the shrubs and came after me. 

3 responses to The Captivating Avakas Gorge

  1. Wow this place is beautiful. Where is this? This is an awesome place for a picnic 😀 and you know what? It reminds me of Lord of the ring 😛 hehe

    • Chris – Author

      Haha this is in Northern Paphos Province in the national park ‘Akamas’ in Cyprus, it was a really magical place! Just burning hot! Went there last year and there were goats and everything!

      • goats? lol i am kinda scared of goats… 😛 i can tell it’s hot…maybe it gets cooler in the evening? would be a fun place for a picnic tho and some photo shoots 😀 kinda romantic…with candles..ooooo…dont get me started 😛

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