Start Small

Here are some old photographs, some of the first shots I took with my camera, I was so much better at picking out the small details and making the most of what was around me. Perhaps I need to take a step back in order to move forward,

3 responses to Start Small

  1. Very artistic. I like your point of views. Btw, what kind of camera do you use then and now?

    • Chris – Author

      Same camera as always! Canon 500d however I use my phone once in a while too. I have 3 lenses so I change them depending on the situation. I have to say I think every time I take the camera out for a spin I learn a little more, I bought a polarizing filter lately to help the skies be more blue

      • oh all the jargon πŸ˜› I have only used my very unsophisticated camera forever. I would love to upgrade to a more sophisticated but less complicated camera πŸ˜€ and maybe learn from there. one day..think of all the beautiful pics i could take!!?!?? πŸ˜› hahaha…i was thinking of the lumix or olympus…i guess canon, nikon and sony makes semi dslr cameras too right?

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