Waiting on Platform 2

An empty platform at night, with various strangers walking by? Some people say creepy, I say atmospheric.

7 responses to Waiting on Platform 2

    • Chris – Author

      Yeah I guess, throwing in some rain would make it have a bit more impact,
      Thank you so much for commenting!

  1. I say Harry Potter! XD hehehe…it is a lil creepy in an atmospheric romantic kinda way 😉


    • Chris – Author

      Haha! If you ever came to London I would take you to king’s cross station where it was filmed if you want! They have added a new modern bit I should probably drop by and take some pictures!

      • you should!! I saw the king cross station on this Korea variety show a few weeks back 😀 it looks nice…they showed the part where harry goes into the wall too… too cool for school. would be awesome to be there…someday. 🙂 if i get rich really fast I can be there by march 2013 😛

    • Chris – Author

      Thank you! =D It’s a bit grainy but yeah I like the light!

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