Limassol Old Town

The Old Town of Limassol is filled with charm, warmth and culture. Take a walk at sunset or sunrise to experience it’s true magic. In the heat of the day with all the people crowding you seem to miss the magic of the place that’s why it’s best to come at a time where you can have a little more room to yourself.

Trendy restaurants are now opening left right and center and since the Marina is opening the old town has had a massive regeneration take place. I can’t wait to go see my hometown in it’s best this year ~ Perhaps I should lay low on the Limassol posts for a while till I’ve passed my exams and gone there which will be soon enough!

4 responses to Limassol Old Town

  1. I love all the charm of a small town 😀 although sometimes they dont have as much charm 😛 I feel like a lot of places is going thru a similar transformation. Its a good and bad thing 🙂

    • Chris – Author

      Yeah, but the works look good so far they have done on the old town from pictures I have seen!

    • Chris – Author

      I know, the pavements have been done up with new lights this year so photos will come up even better!

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