Paralympics LDN 2012

Recentely I went to see Athletics at the Paralympics! It was such a great experience and the crowd was so overwhelming when there was a member of Team GB competing! I went with my friend Amy who managed to score us the tickets last-minute! My only complaints were that the lifting of the flags is much less impressive in real life, a hot chocolate costs £4! and that Stratford is a little impersonal. Knowing me, if those are my only complaints it means I had one of the best days. A Cypriot Parathlete came first in one of the heats unfortunately I think we missed that but I can tell you I think the high from cheering on a team at the olympics is much better than any high off hitting the clubs. I loved every second, if you get the opportunity to see the Olympic Park, don’t think twice, just go!

The Basketball ArenaThe VelodromeMe and my ticket!China in the Long JumpTeam GR first in this part of the heat, second overall!I got to see Hannah Cockroft destroy the competition in a heat round!

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