The Night

“The night possess me leaving no room vacant for worries”

The last few days have gone by with my mind absorbed in music as I have just discovered Spotify. My Nights have been less adventurous than I would have liked and those around me seem to have slipped into their routine life leaving me without much to do. At night when I just lay there dreaming of the bliss I experienced this summer during sunsets and the night and how I couldn’t fully absorb it due to the fear and scars left by exams.

However the Night and Sunset occasionally offered me relief. Most of the fond memories I made this summer in the evenings were with company, surprising as I usually find it hard to distinguish myself amongst other people however being embraced by the sea water as the sky faded from blue to orange being shrouded with friends really warmed my heart. The mornings I would usually spend alone cycling, swimming and walking and that’s when I felt most contempt.

I didn’t realize the night could provide me with the similar yet different feelings.

It was like experiencing samples of my perfect life.     The streets of my home Limassol water tank illuminated at nightAlmost as if candle litThe central medieval castle‘Low Red Moon’

3 responses to The Night

    • Chris – Author

      I hope you like it Cyprus can take some time to adjust to, and I think a lot of people don’t experience it properly so see as much as you can! 🙂

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