You Were A Life Changer

Best hearted soul in the world

9 responses to You Were A Life Changer

      • Hi again Chris,
        Is that you in the photo with her? She looks like she was a very happy and relaxed dog, you must really miss her.

      • Chris – Author

        Oh no don’t you will set me off! I have got Trouble by Coldplay playing at the moment as well! Yes it is me, in my room back in CY. I was never her true love though, she loved my Grandfather so much, she really was more than a pet to the family. She would limp like my nan did as well it would always crack me up

      • Yes, in the high 20s at the moment and finally we don’t need to use the A/C in the bedroom at night. Still managing to swim in the timeshare club pool though! Will be off up there in a little while…

  1. Aww.. such a cute picture of both of you. you look so young here 😀 well I guess you do all the time 😛 I think its the small smile 🙂 Did you lose her recently? 😦

    • Chris – Author

      Yeah almost 3 years ago but seems like yesterday! I am really young in this one was taken like 6 years ago!

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