Mail From Vietnam

Meeting people from abroad via the internet was always a bit weird for me. You can never be certain they are who they say they are. Look at the film catfish for goodness sake. Yet I’m not against it at all. I have met some great people from abroad. One being Khánh a photography enthusiast from Vietnam. The Internet can connect us to people with similar interests and personalities we would never be able to meet in every day life. As long as you are careful you can find some really brilliant people. Khánh sent me a touching letter, friendship bracelet and a postcard from Vietnam, it sort of made my week. Now I understand why people used to value letters so much more than we value emails for example. There will only ever be one copy of a letter, yet an email can be reproduced countless times. I find people’s handwriting is also much more personal. So once again thank you Khánh and one day perhaps our paths will cross in real life.

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