L: What I’m Listening To

With a lot of work to complete, I need a lot of music to help me get through it. What I’ll try to do from now on as some writing practice is to talk to you guys about what music I happen to stumble into. Some music will be old I’ve just found and some will be new top 40 hits or tracks off new albums. Be prepared for a proper mix of everything, if you like any particular track hit the comments and let me know what you think.

First up is one of my favourite tracks from the Disclosure album ‘Settle’. The vocals provided by Hannah Reid (London Grammar) being robust whilst simultaneously being received as very mellowing. The consistent jazzy beat in the background amplifies Reid’s dreamily chanted verses. It’s just a nice song to play during your way back from school or work to help you detach from that crowded mindset. My favourite part is from 2:50 onwards where the song evolves into a brief enchantment for the soul.

The second track is an older track released in 2012. Unfortunately I’ve only recently discovered Australian musician Flume’s brilliance. ‘Holdin On’ is a wacky combination of R&B influenced vocals spliced with electric synths resulting in a pretty fresh sound. This charted pretty well in Australia and New Zealand, not sure why the single’s success wasn’t as large in my part of the globe. There’s definitely room for some Flume….. (Please ignore the last sentence if it makes you cringe)

The last song for today’s post is collaboration round 2 for British acts Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande. This one’s a real banger, especially when you’re working to meet deadline. There’s a real survival element, taking a slightly darker tone compared to the pair’s previous track ‘Wonder’. Emeli Sande euphorically  belting out chorus does not disappoint. My favourite lyric being ‘Devil can’t catch me tonight’ which every time manages to leave a smug little grin on my face.

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