L: SEPT 14 I’m Listening To

My favourite Aussie band are about to set off on their European tour, Panama have been gaining a notable following around the globe for a while now. Their ‘Always’ EP in 2013 was one of my favourite releases from that year and this new track available for free doesn’t disappoint. I feel they’ve got a really distinctive sound and it’s great to hear some new stuff from them.

New artist ‘Nao’ has been recently introduced to the masses by popular act Disclosure who gave her a shout out on their facebook page. Elements of the track are slightly reminiscent of some of Jai Paul’s earlier works yet ‘So good’ has a jazzier sort of vibe. There’s a lot of hype around Nao and I’m excited to see what she’ll release next.

New material is also out from “Doing drugs on a freeway…underwater” producer xxyyxx. ‘Unknown’ seems to be a calmer, more down-beat addition to his portfolio of tracks whilst still managing to be ridiculously infectious. I particularly adore the notes of piano at 3:30 just before the track rounds off.  It’s crazy he’s still only 18 years old. xxyyxx was also present at this years Laneway Festival 2014

Fourth up is another free track available to download. It’s new material from Peckham’s finest Katy B. ‘Little Red Light’ is a groovy production with a little Reggae influence thrown in to keep the track fresh.

The fifth and final feature for this month is possibly the best remix of ‘Put your records on’ I’ve ever heard. The rework comes together beautifully and oozes a smooth and seductive vibe. The perfect track to see off this year’s summer.

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