C: St.Albans Park

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C: Biology Friends


C: We found a Sofa

IMG_0172 A while back me and some flatmates went for a walk, and in the middle of this beautiful rapeseed field we found an abandoned sofa. My camera was at hand so what to do seemed obvious. Made a good profile picture anyway, we think the image above would make a great promotional shot for a sitcom. IMG_0196 IMG_0242 IMG_0235 IMG_0091 IMG_0102 IMG_0121

C: Summertime

d6f2d290e8a111e2be6b22000aa80214_7Yesterday Amy and Rach came round for some hang out time in the garden, I hope this weather keeps up, we don’t get much sun in England.

C: Trip to Kew Gardens Greenhouses


Now exams have finally finished, the first thing I did was head back to London and took a day out to go finally see Kew gardens. The Palm Greenhouse was amazing as were the other ones. I had a great time and would definitely go again. We were lucky as well because of the beautiful weather. More photos to come soon.IMG_0690IMG_0713





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C: ?!%£”^*


Two snapshots from my laptop from the last few weeks, exams next week and revision is not going as planned. Have yet to lose it completely though.picture004

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