C: Summertime

d6f2d290e8a111e2be6b22000aa80214_7Yesterday Amy and Rach came round for some hang out time in the garden, I hope this weather keeps up, we don’t get much sun in England.

Home Grown

Pomegranates and Passion Fruit, my two favourite things growing in my back garden. All Organic, I think anyway. Cactus flower is out only for a day before it wilts.

Garden Project, Update from Afar

What I hoped would be a great initiative to keep on going has well, not been a great initiative. Though I’m not the slightest disheartened. As they are all still alive. Although they may look more than half dead they seem to have gained a lot of strength to survive, firstly the two pictured below have greatly thickened their trunks and the one on the right has 3 spikes ready to turn into leaves when the summer comes. The dead leaves haven’t been cleared properly so I will do that when I’m over there. Looks like some sunshine and warmth is all they will need to power up. My cousin was unsuccessful in bringing me photos of anything but the palm trees but I hear from my grandparents that the other plants have grown well, shame I can’t see them. Well looks like I better prepare the fertilizer.

Garden Project, It’s On (It’s also keen)

So I have a garden, two gardens to be exact. My garden in Cyprus appeals to me so much more, not only that I can plant sub-tropical plants. The picture above was taken in 2008. My garden is still pretty much the same today. Apart from 2 years ago I brought back a wedding table centerpiece of a tiny olive tree. I left it with my gran and it grew rather fast, sooner on later she did me a favor and planted it. In 2011 I bought 3 palm trees (King Palms just in case you’re interested) and planted them around the garden because of a few I spotted down a side road (Pictured Below) I had never seen any palm trees like that in Cyprus they looked really umm.. tropical with the white trunks the green base below the strong leaves nothing like the flimsy Fan palms that line the coast. So after lots of internet searches I tracked down the species and went and bought some. However I don’t just plan on making my little garden (dry barren piece of land) an area for Palms. This was just the start, I went to the official forestry nursery of Cyprus and picked up the tiniest two leafed passion fruit plant to cover the fence at the end of the garden, hopefully for some fruit, flowers and greenery to reduce the ‘industrial’ look. The passion fruit pictured below is one on an old grandma’s fence whose house got knocked down and I just remember that the passion fruit survived all the dust and rubble from the destruction of the charming old house. The old lemon tree will be the center piece as it already dominates its space. I also added a small pink flowering shrub.

So to sum up these are the main existing plants in the garden:

– Lemon Tree, Daphni Bush, Two odd trees, White Jasmin, Spiky plant, Olive Tree

Plants added in Summer 2011

– 3 archontophoenix alexandrae palms, 1 Passion fruit plant, One pink shrub, 1 chilli plant

Plants to add next summer

– Traveler’s Palm, Kentia Palm, Royal Palm, 4 Pineapple plants, 2 Banana Trees, flowering grass

So stay tuned! I will post the garden’s progress


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