E: Pretty Near Paradise

IMG_8116Above and below are some more pictures from my time spent in Tioman. They can give you a rough idea of how beautiful it was, unfortunately I can’t give you a sense of how soft the sand was and the sounds the birds made. I can’t get over how special and lucky I felt to be there. Anyway I’ll be posting some ¬†more pictures soon.


E: National Day In Singapore


Big news everyone, I’m currently on the other side of the world. Scared as hell and alone but not having too bad a time. In case you didn’t know I’ve moved to Singapore for my second year of studies. It’s a pretty big culture shock and though things are pretty much just how I expected them here (a lot cloudier though) I’m handling it a bit worse than I thought I would.

I guess my first year at university was far more than I ever expected so naturally I’m missing course friends and flatmates and hating the fact I’ll be missing out on plans with them back home. Each day spent here gets a bit better. Yesterday me and some other exchange students went to see the fireworks because it was the Singaporean national day.

They were pretty impressive. I’ll be posting some catch up posts later on, it’s been pretty busy but hopefully I’ll have some more time to be posting photos.¬†IMG_7735Waiting for celebrations to start
IMG_7754The first few fireworks had big gaps in between and it got quite frustrating with the camera
IMG_7856But as usual the Asians didn’t disappoint there was a massive display at the end
IMG_7593On our way there, we passed these gardens with pretty elaborate Singaporean flag colouring
IMG_7600Malls are pretty much the replacement for any type of high street here
IMG_7671This little number was a little intimidating to a non-local such as myself


Pretty cool crowd if I say so myself.IMG_7684Little similar to the Red Arrows back home?
IMG_7713 IMG_7606 IMG_7612 IMG_7619These coloured clouds were quite funky
IMG_7807 IMG_7846

C: Sunset


Went and saw a beautiful sunset on my last evening in York before heading back home to eat some delicious home made cake. I will miss the place, I’ve had a brilliant year and it breaks my heart I won’t be back there with everyone I met next year. I went out and purchased my York hoodie so I’d have something to remind me of my ‘university origin’ if you wish. How I’ll get through labs next year in a room full of educated second years who don’t know me, who knows.
IMG_4992 IMG_5035 IMG_5061 IMG_5038 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5058 IMG_5053 IMG_5068 IMG_5078 IMG_4973 IMG_5024

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