WEAR: James Long For Topman

So my favourite designer has decided to tap in properly to the mainstream clothing market. In this collaboration with Topman, he has produced a series of signature knitwear tops all designs sure to turn heads. I like the majority of them and in fact most of them are very wearable.

I think it might be worth it to spend a little more than usual on one of these as they¬†genuinely¬†appear to have been thought out like James Long originals. As opposed to just attaching tags with a name on. I guess topman are trying to mimic H and M’s successful formula of Designer collaborations. They have chosen their weapon well shall we say. Not too sure about the shots which have been released and I don’t particularly think they exhibit the series well yet it gives you a general idea of what the jumpers will be like. See the images below and leave your opinion~

P.s. I think the jumpers have been made out to be a lot more fluffy in the press images a few washes and they’ll look fine!

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WEAR: Stenmark Twins take on Hercules Magazine

Styled by David Vivirido, Photographed by Nacho Alegre. I really think these images capture the feeling of fall. I like the colour palette and the clothes are plain yet with individual touches making the whole shoot very effective. Again it’s that perfect balance between environment and people which cause these to be such good photographs, something I really need to refine. Looks like the designers Tom Ford, Balmain and Louis Vuitton haven’t disappointed this season.

Fun Fact, did I tell you I walked pass Jordan and Zac on oxford street as they got out of the underground station, they were so tall it was a little overwhelming by the time it took my brain to process who they were they were long gone. Anyway it would be almost impossible to say anything without appearing like a creepy fashion blogger. Which I am not…….

UPDATE: The Stenmark twins retweeted this post on twitter!

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Zara September Looks

Zara’s september lookbooks offer something different to those of previous. Their selection of models represents a variety of ages and styles. With particular emphasise on this months coats. I have to say the images appear slick clean and professional keeping in line with the general marketing approach for Zara. Zara online is in fact one of the few online stores I feel confident in using, free returns and an email letting you know when your item will be delivered come in very handy if there’s ever a problem.

The whole range of clothes this season seem to bring back the simplicity and elegance of line. The knitwear is back in full force for winter with a range of cardigans and jumpers keeping you warm no matter the occasion. The series of images doesn’t manage to exhibit shoes very well yet they are clearly displayed with multiple images around the website.

Studs play a reoccurring role within the collection this september. In my opinion studs are often overused however the designers at Zara have used them in a minimalistic style.

Some of the coats such as the one on the bottom right are very eye-catching statement pieces and would probably have to be worn with very plain trousers. Not to say that for some of the clothes we have seen similar things before such as the silver jeans on the right are very reminiscent of some I purchased two years ago from Zara. That being said I think this fall Zara really have some great clothes, affordable? Not as much as in previous years yet I hope to see a good winter sale. All images found on Zara’s website Please leave your thoughts below and enjoy the rest of the images

LN-CC feature


I had never heard about LN-CC until today when I spotted these great photographs. I haven’t been a big fan of a few of the latest editorials but these shots really spoke to me, they combine the breathtaking rustic beauty of Morocco and the clothes perfectly. Making the brand seem ‘cool’ and still up-market instead of copping out and doing something dramatic where all the models look dead. One day hopefully I’ll be able to take shots similar to this. (I do not own any of the photographs in this post)

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