The Captivating Avakas Gorge

This place is really enchanting, yes originally I went to see the gorge formation but the whole walk up to it is just as brilliant. The fauna and stone shapes seem like they’re from the past and have aged beautifully over time. The trees roots were again so brilliant to look at entangled. The pathway was rugged but not unbearable.

The great thing is though, every time you look from a different angle the surroundings look completely different. Water was dripping from the roots of trees attached onto the stone like something out of Jurassic Park. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a Dinosaur peered amongst the shrubs and came after me. 

Lara Beach – The Famous Turtle Bay

Lara Bay, if you’re looking for turtles in Cyprus and you type that in to a search engine, Lara Bay will be the first thing that comes up. The beach itself is very impressive, like a cove. The sand is an unusual earthy red colour and there are amazingly foamy waves. Word of warning, do not eat at the little restaurant on the hill just above here as although the people who served us seemed lovely, the food was the exact opposite of lovely. Some of you will recognize the image to the right as the cover of Happenings Magazine. The journey to the beach is just as stunning as the beach itself, I even saw a wild boar on my way up here! Although I didn’t go for a swim, I could see other people swimming. No where near as many turtle nests as I expected, you be better off going to the Akrotiri Sand Dune Beach, for a good chance of seeing a turtle. But still I enjoyed the visit it’s a very rough and rugged beauty you don’t see very much of elsewhere.

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