E: Streets of Hanoi


Hanoi is an undeniably beautiful city. Some people may fail to see that initially due to the noise, pollution and litter but having come face to face with those issues everyday at home meant those factors were easily to looked over.

Let me explain why Hanoi is such a great city, firstly and most importantly, crossing the street has never been more fun or dangerous anywhere else in the world. You don’t wait or follow instructions from crossing lights to cross a street in Hanoi, even looking isn’t exactly essential. Just start walking and the oncoming vehicles as if by some magic force, manoeuvre around you. Leaving you feeling a little like Moses.

Another of my favourite aspects of Hanoi is just how much time the locals spend on the street, during walks it wasn’t uncommon to pass people going about their daily business such as cooking, eating and washing themselves on the streets. It’s genuinley nice to see people spending time outdoors even if it’s not too far away from their homes. Get used to the little stools around town as they are your best and only friend when it comes to sitting down in Vietnam and are a standard features of most of the best restaurants for local street-food.

It was interesting to visit the Hoi Chi Min Mausoleum, (for those of you who don’t know what that is like me initially, it’s where the body of Hoi Chi Min (An important Vietnamese political figure) has been preserved and is stored in a glass chamber.) Another interesting cultural thing to see was the planes on display captured from the Americans by the Vietnamese. The number of planes and way they have been arranged indicated the persistence and strength of the people during the vietnam war.

The cafe culture and warm bustling streets make Hanoi one of my favourite places so far. Currently I think it has a tenancy of being overlooked due to the mass tourism funnelled into the bigger city located to the south (Hoi Chi Min City) yet I think in the future, with the right sort of growth, it could attract a lot of attention as a more ‘trendy’ type of destination, it brings so much of the Vietnamese people’s culture to surface and the city feels ‘lived in’ and ‘real’. I have no doubts I’ll be returning to Hanoi relatively soon.

Thanks again to my brilliant pen pals for guiding us almost everywhere! (Minh and Khanh)


Exhibition Space

Hello there everyone, let me welcome you to this piece of virtual space. If you are reading this very first post, that could mean two things, you will remember this post and pride yourself among being one of the first readers of this blog, or you have wasted precious moments of your time for something that will close down in a few months.

I have long had a love hate relationship with blogging, firstly I simply can’t get the grasp of doing things ‘in moderation’ which is considered to be the healthiest way to go about hobbies. So I will just come clean and say yes sometimes I go a bit crazy refreshing the page every two seconds for new comments. Other times however when I’m not obsessed I completley forget to post things or simply feel that whatever I’m posting has no significance and I shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Ok this is slowly turning into a rambling post. What I hope to use this space for will be as a sort of hub for everything I do, the list will probably include: Travel, Photography, Articles, Music, Short Films, Fashion,┬áPersonal Life, Architecture and ‘deep posts’ being my least favourite. So it would do me great joy if you stick around and leave a comment or two, pass this on to your friends and watch this area bloom with content. I will not be publiscising the blog until it’s 100% ready so I am speaking to you from the past.

Thank you, and hope you like what I’ve done with the place.


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