C: London Tour Guides By Chris


My awesome South African, Italian, Greek and Cypriot cousin came over to London to spend Christmas with us. Throughout the whole holiday I felt ridiculously guilty due to the fact instead of taking her around places nearby like I should have been, I was cooped up in a messy office revising frantically for my first set of university exams. Got a lot riding on these but in the end they turned out alright. Well I say that now but I still have no idea what I got. Was a nice change from the usual Christmas festivities. I did manage to clear half a day in my boring schedule to take her round as many key sites of London as I could. I need to apologize because it’s clear I do not have what it takes to be a tour guide. All it consisted of was telling my cousin and sister to move and appreciate things. Will cross that one off the career list ~IMG_7301

S: So We Freeze


A few years ago I went to a friend’s baptism. The ‘pastor’ made a variety of comments I didn’t approve of. One of which was “We must have control over our emotions.” I thought to myself surely a person is at their peak when their emotions overwhelm and inspire them. You only understand when looking back across past experiences why you change and harden as a person. You ‘freeze’ to avoid reliving anything close to those negative experiences. Yet when those emotions somehow find you even for a second, it strikes you throughout, damages your trail of thoughts, claims your breath and tugs on your insides.


Not to forget it’s important not to freeze all emotion. I know I have a tendency to over freeze my emotions. So I’m guessing a little rein on your emotions must be a good thing for a relatively stable set of mind.

That concludes another segment of ‘deep’ by yours truly, now I hope you enjoy the photographs of a beautifully frosty morning. I took these while still under the influence of alcohol and surprisingly enough I think I’m going to drink more often before taking photographs. It definitely helped me ignore the strange looks by passers by I was getting~

P.S. I hope you are all enjoying the end of the world



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C: Early Christmas Celebrations

546825_10151190952193927_509203541_nMe and my flat got our heads together a thought up a great Christmas shopping list. The next step was to buy the food, the following step was the cooking. Well I was busy studying during the shopping part but of course I was present for the eating and taking photographs. It was an absolutely brilliant meal, good enough to give Christmas dinner back home a run for it’s money.

I was really impressed we managed to feed 11 people. Now I’m home for the Christmas holiday but it has to be said I am missing all of them. On a brighter note it’s great to see everyone from back home and that they are all healthy and well. Of course it has to be said I’m thrilled to be back in London. Enjoy the photos below!
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E: Durham Christmas Excursion


Last weekend I had the privilege to go see the small but very vibrant and historical town of Durham. There was some tension considering my heart now belongs with York yet I didn’t let that ruin my journey. What I found was Durham was a very charming city.

479962_10151178495163927_1262270814_nIf it makes sense, Durham feels very English. While walking through it you pass through defining moments of British architecture, modern and old. Most streets are cobbled and there are plenty of picture perfect bridges however upon wondering around it won’t be too soon before you find a signature British Iceland store tucked under some retro 60s building.

What makes Durham so special is the way the light filters through it. It’s embossed in trees and winter nature, the buildings are densely packed and this makes it incredibly difficult for the sun to illuminate small nooks and crannies. Yet I insist this doesn’t make Durham seem unfriendly at all, quite the opposite you can feel the northern charm among the bustling streets of people. The space possess a dark romantic yet comfortable vibe.

479748_10151178488428927_2067072473_n309275_10151178488163927_1135586577_n483465_10151178494363927_879336647_nAt some points it’s easy to forget your in a town. The building isolated from the city centre are shrouded in hibernating stalks. Small parts of ice flow along the rivers. The trips purpose was to go see the market which I have to say was much better than York’s own. The Christmas Decorations were suttle but brought some festive feel to the place.

A lot of the more modern building in Durham are how I would imagine some German towns for some reason. It does feel very detached from the rest of England, like a parts of history taken out of Britain’s puzzle and placed together somewhere hidden. 556675_10151178495373927_914600684_nThe Castles and Cathedral left a lasting impression on me. The architecture of the main cathedral left my jaw wide open. It was in a Gothic style much like the Notre Dame de Paris. The black soot marks gave off an even darker appearance. The inside was a complete contrast. The space seemed very well lit for such a huge space. Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside.

Although the outside may look impressive I was even more enchanted by the gigantic columns with tiny detailing and the stained glass windows. We walked in roughly at sunset and the tint caused by the lighting was phenomenal. My finger continually itched for the shutter button but I managed to pull myself together and respect the rules.

Some more UK travelling to come perhaps? I’ve always wanted to see Edinburgh 

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