SEE: Limassol International Documentary Festival Highlights

Relating back to my post earlier in the year, you can now see a small highlights trailer for the Limassol International Documentary festival of the year, it truly was a very vibrant atmosphere and I think the video above shows it well, sorry on the slow posts however the life of a University student never involves much free time!

SEE: Aesthetica Short Film Festival

This weekend just passed I attended the Aesthetica film festival with some flatmates. We saw a total of 8 short documentaries. I would love to have posted some trailers of the films we saw but unfortunately I couldn’t track down any sort of website or information about the films we saw. My favourites were Architecture Alive by Ole Stenum, A Delicate Canvas by Joey Bania and Crossing Over: The Art Of Jeremy Down. The venue that hosted the event was Barley Hall an old traditional English house in the centre of York. However the seating wasn’t ideal because at times the room got crowded and people’s heads had the tendency to block the subtitles.

We also went to see the inside of the minster briefly, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Was also interesting to be able to compare it to Limassol’s International Documentary festival. I think although there was a great mix of films on offer and a lot more I preferred the more international perspective of Limassol’s festival.

This Is My London

London Bus Tour from moritz oberholzer on Vimeo.

Video or music is not mine, yet this is how I see, miss and remember London, Enjoy sorry for the lack of posting real life is getting in the way, and not good getting in the way.

Limassol International Documentary Festival

I attended the Limassol Documentary Festival this year. I was impressed with the variation of documentaries shown at the festival, I wish I saw more but I only managed to catch two, one about Eco Terrorism (If a Tree falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front). All about how terrorism can be used to prevent environmental damage yet how lack of knowledge and the fact all of it must be done in secret means they sometimes get things wrong. Some powerful images such as the police spraying pepper spray into protesters eyes. It was an American documentary which was quite well made and didn’t seem to biased to one side.

The Second documentary I saw was called Mustafa’s sweet dreams. About a boys big ambitions to move to Istanbul and become a master at Baklava making. Now I’m a sucker for Baklava, the documentary was interesting and some people commented at the end on how they thought it wasn’t at all scripted. I thought it didn’t really fulfill the documentary criteria and was a bit long winded in parts. Perhaps it just wasn’t for me, it ended with him returning home having failed on his dreams and some bits came across awfully cheesy. Yes there were some nice camera angles used + watching it in a different language was really enjoyable. Take a look at the trailers below, have you been to any film festivals of late? Let me know.

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