S: Bubble


Stumbled across some old bubble blowers whilst tidying up childhood things, clearly there was only one thing to do…IMG_6064IMG_6027IMG_6029IMG_6124IMG_6224 IMG_6025 IMG_6093

C: Summertime

d6f2d290e8a111e2be6b22000aa80214_7Yesterday Amy and Rach came round for some hang out time in the garden, I hope this weather keeps up, we don’t get much sun in England.

S: My Sort Of Spring


Any space I’m used to seeing barren with dust and sand in Cyprus is transformed into fields of long grass and flowers. All these shots were from inside Limassol, I didn’t get a chance to go out of the city much but when I drove past the countryside was pretty breathtaking. IMG_9708IMG_9648.4IMG_9679IMG_9311

GARDEN: Progress

So the garden has developed a lot since the last posts, the passion fruit has completely dominated the fence. I planted a new palm tree which you can see above, it’s just a baby one. The grass has started to restrengthen a little, I planted 2 new samples of the flowering grass. The strongest transplant of those two which was doing really well just had to end up getting covered by digging cats. However it is still alive. In addition I planted a flower bed, one pomegranate tree and 3 small hedge like flowers, I can’t remember what they are called. There is a small fig tree growing also. 2 of the three old palms haven’t survived but the one that has is opening a new leaf. That’s all for now!

The High Life in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz early summer this year was stunning, at first glance the city seems much like the rest of Tenerife, confused and slightly out of place. Yet if you take some time out to just explore the microcapital by foot Santa Cruz’s exotic warmth manages to charm you like no place can. The Retro council flat style apartments aren’t an eyesore at all like back home, painted in bright colours with chunky designs. All of Santa Cruz feels like a movie set. You can go from central LA to Gotham to Rio, to London and back again in no time at all. Very surreal yet very exciting.

Once you start it’s difficult to stop, your curiosity takes hold of you and you want to take a peek at every street. We stumbled into three communal gardens shared by blocks of flats. Old women were sat outside knitting, children played by the doorsteps, the neighbours yelling greetings at each other. All this time surrounded in lush foreign flora and newly painted pavements. The layout of the living space was so open and social. Whilst pacing across you occasionally catch a glance of Tenerife’s red mountains peering over you.

Then there’s the landmark theatre which simply demands your attention. Inside it’s sleek modern, much like a spaceship. The plazas that surround it are filled with families resting and simply enjoying their day. The people seem calm yet fast paced. Almost relaxed but simply getting things done efficiently.

It amazed me how quickly my opinion changed as we pulled into the city where I was judgmental and dissaproving then four paces out of the bus I was immersed in the feel of the place. My advice, don’t go on a typical tenerife holiday sun, sand and the chlorine. Take a city break like no other and if you demand a beach head to Playa en Teresitas a huge man made beach coated in African sand and coconut palms. The whole city is a wrongly understated surprise.

Streets lined with both Canarian and foreign palm treesI’m still drunk (for the first time) in this picture, can you tell?Communal GardensAuditorio de Tenerife looks different from every angleThe typical red mountains of Tenerife in the backdrop,An Example of the Retro Architecture in Santa CruzYou can see the contrasting green housing block in the backgroundThe landmark is small, but seems large, and smallAll small gardens impressedThe Central Bus terminal felt more like an airport

Home Grown

Pomegranates and Passion Fruit, my two favourite things growing in my back garden. All Organic, I think anyway. Cactus flower is out only for a day before it wilts.

Garden Project, It’s On (It’s also keen)

So I have a garden, two gardens to be exact. My garden in Cyprus appeals to me so much more, not only that I can plant sub-tropical plants. The picture above was taken in 2008. My garden is still pretty much the same today. Apart from 2 years ago I brought back a wedding table centerpiece of a tiny olive tree. I left it with my gran and it grew rather fast, sooner on later she did me a favor and planted it. In 2011 I bought 3 palm trees (King Palms just in case you’re interested) and planted them around the garden because of a few I spotted down a side road (Pictured Below) I had never seen any palm trees like that in Cyprus they looked really umm.. tropical with the white trunks the green base below the strong leaves nothing like the flimsy Fan palms that line the coast. So after lots of internet searches I tracked down the species and went and bought some. However I don’t just plan on making my little garden (dry barren piece of land) an area for Palms. This was just the start, I went to the official forestry nursery of Cyprus and picked up the tiniest two leafed passion fruit plant to cover the fence at the end of the garden, hopefully for some fruit, flowers and greenery to reduce the ‘industrial’ look. The passion fruit pictured below is one on an old grandma’s fence whose house got knocked down and I just remember that the passion fruit survived all the dust and rubble from the destruction of the charming old house. The old lemon tree will be the center piece as it already dominates its space. I also added a small pink flowering shrub.

So to sum up these are the main existing plants in the garden:

– Lemon Tree, Daphni Bush, Two odd trees, White Jasmin, Spiky plant, Olive Tree

Plants added in Summer 2011

– 3 archontophoenix alexandrae palms, 1 Passion fruit plant, One pink shrub, 1 chilli plant

Plants to add next summer

– Traveler’s Palm, Kentia Palm, Royal Palm, 4 Pineapple plants, 2 Banana Trees, flowering grass

So stay tuned! I will post the garden’s progress


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