Village Life

Life in the village is the dream, people here don’t seem to suffer from ‘old age syndrome’ no matter what the age they keep themselves busy and it’s refreshing to see. My short two day break was spent running away from snakes, eating mountain berries and throwing ice cold water over my cousins. All good fun. I wish I grew up in a village, having the mountains as your back garden as a kid must have been the best playground you could imagine. But wait don’t think it gets boring when you become a teenager, oh no Kakopetria (the village) has a club. You heard me a club, in a mountain village. Of course me and my cousins did not require any alcohol or a dance floor to bring the party to the streets with the use of a blackberry curve’s speaker….. Coz that’s just how we rollA small cottage tucked away in the trees. On the first moutain hike where we managed to walk into snakesAfter about an hour of convincing these weren’t toxic I learnt to love wild mountain berriesNot particularly historic but a scenic bridge neverthelessThe village has a plentiful supply of water from underground springsCloud covering the mountainsGot to meet the family hamsterThe village at nightApple anyone?

Mountain Villages : Kakopetria Visit

Last summer I had the joy of visiting one of my favourite mountain villages Kakopetria, the village isn’t the most historic, not the prettiest either yet it has a warm charm about it. It doesn’t matter how blood boiling the heat is in Limassol, Kakopetria is always enchanted with a calming breeze. There is a gorgeous church to take a look at with an ancient olive tree in the centre (photographed below). Plenty of narrow cobbled streets to lose yourself in, and my personal favorite a cheap cafe with an old arcade.

If dropping by you should also have a look at the pottery store about half the way down the old village road is full of interesting pieces of pottery.

It’s an enchanting place, good for some fresh air and quiet, of course the quiet is because all the poor birds have been shot dead in hunting season, you just might have to ignore that fact…


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