C: 10K for Unicef


Lovely people of the internet, life is about being planning things spontaneously. So I’ve made plans and although it’s a month in advance this is quite a sudden plan to be making.

During one of my power point presentation assignments on HIV I remembered an old video by UNICEF and tried to track it down. It reminded me of the charities work and how important it is. This year I’m lucky enough to be heading to Limassol in Spring and it just so happens the dates are right and I will be in town for the Limassol Marathon. I’ve booked my place and I’ll be running 10K. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and have been training on and off. I’ll be running to raise money for UNICEF and although it’s a big charity it’s easy for people to forget about because of it’s large profile and how important it is to continue to give money to these hugely important organisations.

So far I’ve raised £133.75 from friends and family. I’m hoping to complete the run in under an hour but hey that’s very optimistic thinking. Would mean the world if any of you guys could sponsor me and help contribute to the fantastic work UNICEF do.

You can sponsor me here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=Limassol10Kunicef

Thank you ~

SEE: Limassol International Documentary Festival Highlights

Relating back to my post earlier in the year, you can now see a small highlights trailer for the Limassol International Documentary festival of the year, it truly was a very vibrant atmosphere and I think the video above shows it well, sorry on the slow posts however the life of a University student never involves much free time!

Limassol International Documentary Festival

I attended the Limassol Documentary Festival this year. I was impressed with the variation of documentaries shown at the festival, I wish I saw more but I only managed to catch two, one about Eco Terrorism (If a Tree falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front). All about how terrorism can be used to prevent environmental damage yet how lack of knowledge and the fact all of it must be done in secret means they sometimes get things wrong. Some powerful images such as the police spraying pepper spray into protesters eyes. It was an American documentary which was quite well made and didn’t seem to biased to one side.

The Second documentary I saw was called Mustafa’s sweet dreams. About a boys big ambitions to move to Istanbul and become a master at Baklava making. Now I’m a sucker for Baklava, the documentary was interesting and some people commented at the end on how they thought it wasn’t at all scripted. I thought it didn’t really fulfill the documentary criteria and was a bit long winded in parts. Perhaps it just wasn’t for me, it ended with him returning home having failed on his dreams and some bits came across awfully cheesy. Yes there were some nice camera angles used + watching it in a different language was really enjoyable. Take a look at the trailers below, have you been to any film festivals of late? Let me know.

The Night

“The night possess me leaving no room vacant for worries”

The last few days have gone by with my mind absorbed in music as I have just discovered Spotify. My Nights have been less adventurous than I would have liked and those around me seem to have slipped into their routine life leaving me without much to do. At night when I just lay there dreaming of the bliss I experienced this summer during sunsets and the night and how I couldn’t fully absorb it due to the fear and scars left by exams.

However the Night and Sunset occasionally offered me relief. Most of the fond memories I made this summer in the evenings were with company, surprising as I usually find it hard to distinguish myself amongst other people however being embraced by the sea water as the sky faded from blue to orange being shrouded with friends really warmed my heart. The mornings I would usually spend alone cycling, swimming and walking and that’s when I felt most contempt.

I didn’t realize the night could provide me with the similar yet different feelings.

It was like experiencing samples of my perfect life.     The streets of my home Limassol water tank illuminated at nightAlmost as if candle litThe central medieval castle‘Low Red Moon’

Ancient Kourion

Ancient Kourion is a fantastic place, the feel of the Ancient City is definitely still there. You can just imagine locals at the market place, in the baths, cleaning their houses. A lot has been preserved really well. The whole site overlooks the gorgeous Episkopi beach. The ampitheatre is still used for performances, what an incredible backdrop for any live act.

Snapshots of Limassol – Video

Music does not belong to me, Bahir Al Bakir – Walk From Agadir. I just filmed some short clips on a bike ride in the morning and put them together, I know most of them are shaky but just enjoy ~

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