WEAR: Stenmark Twins take on Hercules Magazine

Styled by David Vivirido, Photographed by Nacho Alegre. I really think these images capture the feeling of fall. I like the colour palette and the clothes are plain yet with individual touches making the whole shoot very effective. Again it’s that perfect balance between environment and people which cause these to be such good photographs, something I really need to refine. Looks like the designers Tom Ford, Balmain and Louis Vuitton haven’t disappointed this season.

Fun Fact, did I tell you I walked pass Jordan and Zac on oxford street as they got out of the underground station, they were so tall it was a little overwhelming by the time it took my brain to process who they were they were long gone. Anyway it would be almost impossible to say anything without appearing like a creepy fashion blogger. Which I am not…….

UPDATE: The Stenmark twins retweeted this post on twitter!

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