E: Submerged in a View

IMG_9891Honestly it’s difficult to describe the kind of high being at the marina bay sands infinity pool gives you. The view, so condensed in detail will literally leave you questioning whether your eyes are working at some new resolution. It is a picture which is very difficult to get bored of. Swimming next to this picture adds a whole new level of awe to the experience.

There really is something different about having nothing separating you and a view compared to views witnessed behind a glass pane. It feels so close, like the whole city is exposed for your viewing.

IMG_9930Cliché’s aside being up there really made me think about the future. Is this a glance at the sort of life I’d like to have one day? Who are the guests who can afford to come here on a regular basis? Do I want to be one of them? Surprisingly I came to a conclusion rather quickly. No, not really. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they’ve all worked really hard to get where they are; to be able afford this life regularly, I just think to myself, isn’t this now, the excitement and rarity of the opportunity so much better?

Some people will want that constant luxury lifestyle and that’s absolutely fine and logical. It’s just simply put, it ‘ain’t my thing’. I will always feel satisfaction and pride of your work to a certain degree will always outweigh the importance of the amount of money you earn. I don’t know how the future will affect my views yet but for now at least this is how I feel.


It’s not easy being out here but I can honestly say I appreciate every perk to the fullest when it comes. Honestly speaking if I could experience all of it, it all of the time I don’t think I would.  So I’ll have a blast while and whenever I can. I feel like I constantly prove it doesn’t have to cost anything if you get a bit of luck and help.


Thank you so much to Alex’s parents for inviting us all up as guests for her birthday. We were spoilt rotten and treated so kindly for people they barely knew!



a489c7ac193211e3b82e22000a9e0697_7Been Instagramming a fair bit the past few weeks. I quite like it as a social network. It’s a nice visual way to keep up to date on what everyone’s up to. I really like my new university room so I’ll work on posting some more pictures when it’s done. Below are some snaps of marina bay, my view and some dull chromatography.



E: Chinatown Lanterns


Here in Asia there are numerous ‘mooncake festivities’ that go around the indochina countries, one of them is the lighting of about 20,000 lanterns in Singapore’s Chinatown. I went here on the seventh and had a really nice time, the place really livens up after sunset. We grabbed dinner at a food court just outside the area and I got some really tasty seafood noodles for about two quid which were surprisingly filling.

The rest of the evening was spent devouring a 1 dollar (roughly 50p) ice cream, drinking some strawberry kiwi juice and walking around the night markets. As I’ve mentioned before the work load is a bit hectic. Especially trying to keep in line with the Asian mentality here. Although I’m desperate to be travelling, when there’s plenty to see in Singapore, doesn’t it make sense to actually experience the country you’re in? It makes running around between assignments and exams much less stressful. Why not save the travelling for when I’m actually free and will be able to do it properly? That’s how I see it at least.IMG_9233

One of the temples we walked byIMG_9269The food court we ate atIMG_9326IMG_9305An example of the night markets

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