S: Artificially Natural

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C: Trip to Kew Gardens Greenhouses


Now exams have finally finished, the first thing I did was head back to London and took a day out to go finally see Kew gardens. The Palm Greenhouse was amazing as were the other ones. I had a great time and would definitely go again. We were lucky as well because of the beautiful weather. More photos to come soon.IMG_0690IMG_0713





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GARDEN: Progress

So the garden has developed a lot since the last posts, the passion fruit has┬ácompletely┬ádominated the fence. I planted a new palm tree which you can see above, it’s just a baby one. The grass has started to restrengthen a little, I planted 2 new samples of the flowering grass. The strongest transplant of those two which was doing really well just had to end up getting covered by digging cats. However it is still alive. In addition I planted a flower bed, one pomegranate tree and 3 small hedge like flowers, I can’t remember what they are called. There is a small fig tree growing also. 2 of the three old palms haven’t survived but the one that has is opening a new leaf. That’s all for now!

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