E: Winter Blues – Limassol Cyprus

IMG_3938Just  a few snaps taken from my December trip visiting family in Cyprus. The city still needs a lot more love and care to reach its full potential but it’s clear to see Limassol is still in a transitional period. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to lay eyes on the new beach which is taking shape at the marina and as always I’m still missing home a little.

E: Worth Getting Up For


E: Scarborough

IMG_4183While in the last few weeks of this year at York, I decided with some other flatmates to visit out flatmate Emily while she was at home in Scarborough. I was keen to see what it would be like as I’ve heard so much about it. Phrases I had heard in the past to describe Scarbs were somewhere along the lines of ‘line at the job centre,’ ‘shit hole’ and ‘too touristy’. Having been there and back I can tell you Scarborough is wonderful. There wasn’t many people when I went but the two shores are beautiful and there’s plenty of greenery. I mean take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself. Thank you to Emily I had a great day, especially renting the paddle boat at the chinese themed park.
IMG_4328They have little stalls were they sell fresh sea food caught the same day!


Boat going into harbourIMG_4423

The rooftops and the coastIMG_4433

You wouldn’t even know you were in a residential area at some pointsIMG_4456

The Coast on the North was even more beautifulIMG_4471

I think ‘lush’ is appropriate
IMG_4481 IMG_4485 IMG_4564 IMG_4580 IMG_4598 IMG_4622

Me with Milly!IMG_4631

Me posingIMG_4636

S: City On The Beach


I’m now back from my recent trip back to home number 1 in Limassol meaning I have a stable enough internet connection to upload the photos I got to take while I was out there. I have to say taking photographs in Spring was so much easier than summer.The odd cloud or so gave my camera some time to sort out the light intake.I got to make good use of my polarizing filter due to some beautiful blue skies.

It’s currently 0 degrees in London and the trees are leafless outside but I guess that should be changing pretty soon. Need to think optimistically. Enjoy the photos, more to come soon.

IMG_9182The Sea turns this turquoise blue in Spring here due to the uplifting of the sand .5 (2)Still haven’t figured how to make use of the rental bikesIMG_9191The little cafe just behind this stretch of beach do the best cheeseburgersIMG_9170 IMG_9079This pier is the perfect spot for getting distance shots of the cityLn-Lm.com

Limassol Municipal Park – What the whole town could be like

I adore the Municipal Gardens and would simply be heart broken if anyone was ever to change anything. (Apart from the Lamps) The park does look aged, but in a good way, not at all tired. Almost everything planted here was planted when my parents were children. So many old trees. The Palm trees for example are the tallest palm trees I’ve ever seen, towering above you it’s quite spectacular to stand under them.

There is a huge cactus as well which seems almost historic, jotted throughout the place are great pine trees which are reminiscent of the nearby majestic troodos mountains. This is one of the only places which grass seems to grow pretty well due to all the shade the trees create.

As you can see below the roots of some of the trees are brilliant. Concerts also happen in the yellow chaired ampitheatre style outdoor venue, although the yellow seats have their charm it could perhaps be done up. However it’s the blue chairs that play on my memory strings, with the little kiosks selling pre bottled lemonade and crisps. Makes me think about when I was young and never really realized what was around me, but now I look back I notice it’s in the spaces I like the most which I had the best times in when I was young.

If you are in town, you should definitely take a look at the municipal gardens, such a peaceful place almost locked in time compared to the rest of the city, go see a show too. Entrance to the park is free however unfortunately dogs are not allowed.

If you have a place which reminds you so much of previous times and have photographs I would love to feature the location as a ‘guest feature’ post so please send me an email cagath@live.co.uk

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