W: Antoine and Stanley launch on ASOS

maddox2Aussies, we love em don’t we? Antoine and Stanley are an Australian brand founded in 2005 and one of the major players in the Australian market. They offer traditionally styled shoes with alternative trims of bold colours offering a modern edge. You’ll be able to find them on ASOS from around £95 pounds and over later on this week. Check out some of the shoes below.

None of the pictures in this post were taken by me

Ralph Brogues Maxim Brogues Manhattan Desert Boots Parker Brogues


St.Paul’s Cathedral + One New Change

Two pieces of head turning architecture placed side by side. I love the way the One New change walls reflect the cathedral, on a dark, cloudy day especially it’s almost hauntingly beautiful. Usually only Gothic/traditional style churches spark my interest  something like the Notre Dame I visited a few years ago. You can’t really overlook St. Paul’s though. It’s recently been cleaned and brought up to shape. The shops at one exchange are limited due to the space, yet it’s good to have a walk around in case you spot something you like. The Millennium bridge is right next door as well if you’re not a local. I love the urban design and street paving of the area as well. Who notices these things though? I’m starting to worry about what exams are doing to me.

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