Mountain Villages : Trekking around Lofu

Although at first Lofu, to you might sound like some version of low fat Tofu, it is well basically not that. It’s another village. Lofu is very different from the other Cyprus Villages, it’s sort of rebellious walking round. The houses are in a very different yet a traditional style and there seems to be a real sense of continuity throughout the architecture of the town. It is deafeningly quiet yet that just leaves you in awe of the place especially if you visit at twilight.

What’s great is everyone seems to take a little pride and care of their home, unlike some towns and cities. The place is a little dry with not a lot of plants everywhere so it’s not somewhere for everyone’s taste. But there are lots of secrets to be discovered and inspiration to be gained just by walking around this place.

Mountain Villages : Kakopetria Visit

Last summer I had the joy of visiting one of my favourite mountain villages Kakopetria, the village isn’t the most historic, not the prettiest either yet it has a warm charm about it. It doesn’t matter how blood boiling the heat is in Limassol, Kakopetria is always enchanted with a calming breeze. There is a gorgeous church to take a look at with an ancient olive tree in the centre (photographed below). Plenty of narrow cobbled streets to lose yourself in, and my personal favorite a cheap cafe with an old arcade.

If dropping by you should also have a look at the pottery store about half the way down the old village road is full of interesting pieces of pottery.

It’s an enchanting place, good for some fresh air and quiet, of course the quiet is because all the poor birds have been shot dead in hunting season, you just might have to ignore that fact…


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