C: Biology Friends


C: We found a Sofa

IMG_0172 A while back me and some flatmates went for a walk, and in the middle of this beautiful rapeseed field we found an abandoned sofa. My camera was at hand so what to do seemed obvious. Made a good profile picture anyway, we think the image above would make a great promotional shot for a sitcom. IMG_0196 IMG_0242 IMG_0235 IMG_0091 IMG_0102 IMG_0121

C: Sunset


Went and saw a beautiful sunset on my last evening in York before heading back home to eat some delicious home made cake. I will miss the place, I’ve had a brilliant year and it breaks my heart I won’t be back there with everyone I met next year. I went out and purchased my York hoodie so I’d have something to remind me of my ‘university origin’ if you wish. How I’ll get through labs next year in a room full of educated second years who don’t know me, who knows.
IMG_4992 IMG_5035 IMG_5061 IMG_5038 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5058 IMG_5053 IMG_5068 IMG_5078 IMG_4973 IMG_5024

C: Out Sometimes

582492_10151314039176439_1453456911_nHappy Birthday to Amy and Serena, I had a great time out!

(Although Serena looks like a LadyBoy murderer in this photograph,)

(Photograph Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Jamestphoto)


S: York’s Never Ending Winter


Every chance I get to go into York on a nice day I take. Nice days are rare to come by weather wise, yet you do notice the north usually has clearer skies than the south. One of my flatmates friends came to visit and we thought we’d give a small tour and it would be a chance to use my camera. I principally wanted to film but taking photographs got a hold of me.
IMG_8112 IMG_8086The York MinsterIMG_7963The MarketplaceIMG_7972Alex taking some shots of the local produceIMG_8034That one photograph everyone in York has to take over and overIMG_8131From inside the minsterIMG_8183Beautiful detailing of the windowsIMG_8179

C: Food whoring done correctly



Why, how and when do people ever say no to food? International food market was a nice treat a few weeks back here in York and as my mother would say ‘The only thing you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending money on is food.’ I take that saying quite to heart and let myself go. I had tried the Moroccan food before and it was brilliant yet I didn’t want to play it safe a second time round.

I tried a Kangaroo burger, which I have to say I was slightly disappointed with. My Paella which was for seconds was a real surprise and in a different league to any of the ones I’d tried when I was in Tenerife last summer. Of course I have my flatmates (Michelle to the right) baking goods weekly. All this and I still feel famished all the time. Foods ranged from British to Caribbean and was a feast for the eyes even if your pockets were empty. I’m glad I didn’t have any more money on me because I may have proceeded to buy as much of the market as I could afford.

Check below for more photos

IMG_7890Chinese – Standard at any food market

IMG_7850Bread – Also standard

IMG_7874PastriesIMG_7861Indian Street FoodIMG_7852Pies, Pies and more PiesIMG_7873Muffins galore
IMG_7903Cupcakes galore….IMG_7920My mouthwatering second course of Paella
IMG_7915Something made with coconut? Smelt amazing

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